We have seen people fighting over food, some lovers of chicken, and some happen to be lovers of mutton. But here at meazzy, we have a wide variety for both mutton and chicken lovers. At the same time, mutton lovers would love to know what we have for them at our online meat shop. We believe that Biryanis wouldn’t have the same taste and feel without mutton in it. Which makes us reasonable for all the types of mutton we cater to our customers with like mutton curry cut(raan, puth, and chaap), mutton curry cut large, mutton biryani cut, mutton curry cut shoulder, chaap, raan, mutton Paaya, mutton boneless, mutton mince, mutton ribs, mutton curry cut, tender mutton boneless Curry cut. We have made sure that we have a variety and range for everybody who loves mutton and precisely its freshness. We at Meazzy have a Mantra where we make sure that our products will clean, fresh, healthy, tasty, and extremely zestful for one to have it whenever they wish to like. Our online meat shop, or you can say our online store where we offer our customers with mutton that’s fresh enough to unpack directly poured into your plates to get started with its preparation if it needs to be cooked from your end or as you may like to have it. We have mutton for everybody’s liking that’s tasty, yummy, delectable, toothsome, and of course soft to churn upon and make the most of the meal and the moment. For everybody to know, one very ignored the yet actual fact that in the fight of vegetarians and chicken lovers, mutton keeps on hanging between the two. But for a reason, quality mutton and depending upon the moist Ness of mutton its price varies. We believe the fact that quality says for itself, and we serving through our online meat shop can be a place for you to experience the same with your first Meazzy meat order with us. Don’t forget to order some mutton for yourself today so start adding some to your cart.

  • 5% off

    Mutton Boneless

    Fat trimmed Mutton boneless that's prepared specially for barbeque, stir-frying and for curries.

    MRP: ₹554

    MRP: ₹526

  • 12% off

    Kaleji Gurda

    Kaleji Gurda has some very nutritional benefits that add upto your regular diet and helps your body to gain that extra essence of nutritional benefits with the meat that's so yummy to eat.

    MRP: ₹261

    MRP: ₹230

  • 10% off

    Mutton Curry Cut - Mix

    Moderate fat | Bone-in and boneless pieces

    MRP: ₹482

    MRP: ₹434

  • 15% off

    Mutton Mince (Keema)

    Obtained from fat trimmed boneless meat ground finely and perfectly. It is popularly known as Keema.

    MRP: ₹584

    MRP: ₹496

  • 5% off

    Mutton Curry Cut (Raan, Puth & Chaamp)

    Lean Cut | Choicest sections of the goat - Raan, Puth & Chaamp

    MRP: ₹524

    MRP: ₹498